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Family History Research

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Record Retrieval

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Did you get your DNA results and aren’t sure where to go next? In one-on-one sessions I can guide you through the basics of DNA concepts, navigating the testing site’s website, reviewing matches and figuring out your connections. My service area for local research

Family Tree Review and Cleanup

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Lineage Society Applications

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House Histories

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Heir Research

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Do you want to learn more about DNA and it’s uses in genealogy? I offer in-person interactive classes to help understand the basics of DNA, how to navigate the testing company’s website, and using shared matches and triangulation to find connections. Advanced classes include using third party websites and tools for clustering and chromosome mapping.

I also offer in-person or online presentations on beginning and intermediate DNA subjects.

See listing for class/presentation descriptions and booking information. See map for local area for in-person sessions.

DNA Interpretation and Analysis

Have you received your autosomal, mitochondrial or Y-DNA test results and feel overwhelmed by how to use them in your genealogy research? I can review your results, analyze the data, and explain in easy to understand terms what they say about your heritage and how to utilize this information in building your family research.

Adoption and Unknown Parentage

Looking for information about your biological family? DNA can answer that question. I will use your Ancestry DNA results to identify your biological family members, build your family tree, gather information on living members, and assist you in finding the best ways to contact them.

Note: I’m sorry, but at this time I don’t work with the children of egg or sperm donation, biological parents looking for the children they gave up, or those of foreign birth. If you’d like more information on this, feel free to contact me.

Brickwall Cases

Have you hit a brick wall with your genealogy research because of an unknown ancestor, a too common name, or a lack of documentation? DNA may be the answer. I’ll review your matches, determine family lines and, in combination with traditional genealogy research, identify those elusive ancestors to help you move back further on your tree.

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