Why hire a genealogist?

Initial Consult

I will request as much information as you have already gathered to fully evaluate your case and establish a research plan.

Case Review

Each new project begins with a free, thirty-minute review of your case to determine the success rate of your goal and to give an estimate on the amount of time your project may take from start to finish.


If we mutually agree on the project, hours, and fees, we will sign a contract that will outline your goals and my plan to reach them.

Status Updates

I will keep in touch oftften during the process to let you know how the plan is moving along, to ask addititional questitions or to let you know if there are issues or delays. You are also free to contact me to check on the progress.

Research Plan

My research will involve developing a focused research questition, drawing up a research plan, doing both online and in-person research, analyzing and evalu- atiting the sources and resolving conflflictiting informatition to fifind the best answers to reach your specifific goal.

Findings Report

When your project is completed or I have reached the time allotttted by the contract, you will receive a written report of my findings, research log with full source citatitions, and notes for further action if needed.

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